It can feel overwhelming when there is so much uncertainty about during this crisis. There are lots of COVID-19 resources available for your business right now.

I’ve included below here a list of 10 key actions and resources that may prove useful for your business at this time.

  1. If you haven’t already, take steps to manage your cashflow. Know what funds you’ll need to break even during closure and on reopening.
  2. There are many State supports and COVID-19 resources available for businesses right now, both for funding, advice, training and mentoring:
  3. Use your time wisely. Now is the time for those long-finger tasks, the ‘to-do jobs’ that never get done and the chats we don’t always have time for.
  4. Consider your customers and what you know about them – who are they, how do they find you and book? Where do they live and how can you reach them? Which market delivers quickest results?
  5. Tidy up your customer database – and if you don’t have one, now’s the time to build one! Be mindful of your GDPR obligations. Consider email marketing options like Mailchimp, or simply email past clients directly if your list is small. Don’t be afraid to as for repeat business and referrals. Happy customers will want to see you succeed.
  6. Start planning for your reopening and be ready. What budget do you have for sales and marketing? What activities will you prioritise? How will you reach your target markets? What’s your hook to generate bookings?
  7. Look at your cancellation list due to closure. Can you offer a special rate or package to entice these customers to book again?
  8. As you plan to open, keep your plans relatively short term and focus on the quick wins. Review as you go and be prepared to adapt, building in longer term planning and marketing as things restabilise.
  9. Network – even while in isolation! Pick up the phone and call your suppliers, customers, peers, tour operators, guides and others. It’s a good morale boost and shooting the breeze often leads to great ideas.
  10. Would you like to upskill, learn new skills or improve your knowledge? There is a wealth of amazing free and low cost short-term courses in marketing, tourism, heritage, social media and so much more online. I’ve put together a short list here.

Here’s a great article by travel writer Jackie De Burca, in which she asks a selection of international travel writers to look forward and share their thoughts on what the future of travel now looks like – see what they say.

Remember, you can work to build your business and plan for the future, even while you’re closed and it will help you be ready to reopen when the time comes. If you’re not sure where to start, why not give me a call on 086 8093965 or send me an email. I’m always happy to chat about your business and point you in the right direction for help if you need it.