Spot-Lit Product Incubation Programme

Welcome to the Spot-lit Product Incubation Programme! 

The Spot-lit Project aims to grow the literary tourism sector in the Northern Periphery and Arctic of the EU by supporting businesses and cultural organisations in this culturally-rich region to grow, collaborate and better engage audiences together.

The vision of the project is “To grow entrepreneurship and SME reach beyond local markets by developing and marketing literary tourism products”. The project began in October 2018 and will run until September 2021.

The Product Incubation Programme will include group training sessions, supplemented by a field trip and one-to-one mentoring sessions. Additionally, programme materials will be available here, and participants have the opportunity to network and share further resources in a Facebook group.  

As the Programme happens, course material and useful resources will be added here.

Contact Us

Susan Heffernan 


Phone: +353 86 8093965


Hugh Trayer


Phone: +353 85 1902223